26 Sep 2013 - GSoC 2013

I haven’t blogged about it much (what can I say, I’m a bad blogger), but this summer, I’ve had the immense pleasure of being one of Mozilla’s mentors for Google Summer of Code. I mentored Gábor Molnár in his implementation of an HTTP/2 server for nodejs. His wrap-up post has a lot of good information on the end results as far as GSoC is concerned.

This was my first year mentoring in GSoC, and I can’t emphasize enough how lucky I was to have a mentee like Gábor. He is bright, hard-working, and rather prolific with code. I’m also happy to say that I will (in an unofficial capacity) get to continue working with Gábor, as I am going to continue work on Necko’s implementation of the current (and future) drafts of HTTP/2, and node-http2 has proven to be an invaluable interop testing tool, and I’m sure it will continue to be so. Furthermore, I plan on bringing a snapshot of node-http2 into mozilla-central to facilitate xpcshell tests of Necko’s HTTP/2 implementation, similar to how we currently use node-spdy for testing our SPDY implementation. Hopefully Gábor will be available to assist in this process, and perhaps get his first commit in mozilla-central as part of the process :)

I want to thank (in no particular order):